Comprehensive Industrial Automation Background combined with Strong Knowledge on Web-based and Cloud Solutions

From edge to knowledge

Nouxnode offers machine builders the most versatile, flexible and agile software possible for building better IoT. This means freedom to connect information from any source to any destination without barriers, dependencies or restrictions.

Our Story​

Noux Node was founded in Finland by a group of people with industrial automation background as well as web and IT skills. Finland is widely recognized as an international powerhouse for IoT making this the ideal place to start a company which focuses on digitalization of machines. The company has now expanded outside Finland to attract international customers. Noux Node software solution is build on microservices and latest IoT technology, which makes the solution extremely versatile, flexible and agile. Today Noux Nodes serves clients from small companies to large international enterprises.

Our Vision

The vision is to create the best-in-class IoT platform for machine builders. The solution has to be easy to use (no coding skills and intuitive learning) and 100% independent of hardware, automation systems and IT platforms. These things should give the machine builders ultimate freedom when adding a digital layer to their machines being new or already in the field. With the founders automation and IT background the vision was to guide and consult our customers on the IoT journey from straightforward business cases to advanced cases with machine learning, AI and predictive algorithms.

No dependencies,
no limitations

Collect data from any automation platform, run it on any cloud platform, private server o even locally inside the factory.