Collect data securely to and from any platform


Better industrial automation with a 100% software-based and end-to-end IoT solution for OEMs and machine builders of any size. NouxCloud comes with extreme versatility, flexibility and agility. It creates the freedom to connect any industrial data source with any destination that comes with no dependencies, restrictions or limitations.

EXTRA: OEM built applications

Application built by OEM with any chosen technology


Data receiver

Active communicator between source and database


A dynamic tool that creates and modifies databases on the fly 

Back-end tools

Tools to e.g. analyze and modify data, make tickets and create alarms

Front-end tools

Tools to visualize data and to create user interfaces to back-end tools


Active communicator between OT device and CloudAPP

EXTRA: OEM built Edge logic

Edge logic built by OEM with any chosen technology

Hardware manufacturer specific protocols
What can you do with the tool


  • Extract data from your machines
  • Flexible edge application to maximize usability
  • All the common communication protocols are supported and added continuously

Transform & load

  • Harmonize and structure data from various machines
  • Create a unified view of your installed base
  • Visibility over product generations and regardless of technology


  • Visualize data with tools designed especially with an industrial approach
  • Share views internally or with customers
  • Efficient use of similar data models between machines


  • Enrich data in the cloud or already on the edge
  • Combine machine data with cloud data by users, e.g. batch IDs
  • Integrate data from other systems, e.g. ERPs, PDMs etc


  • Actively follow and measure machine operations
  • Create alerts based on machine data
  • Predict problems and verify service action effects


  • Verify operating efficiency to customers
  • Enrich the manufactured product certificates with actual operating data
  • Efficiently share and control the reports

Edge compute

  • Take only what you need to save space
  • Run predictive maintenance algorithms as close to the machine as possible
  • Create low-latency digital twins

File handling and software updates

  • Store technical documentation and program files
  • Run PLC updates centrally to your installed base
  • Control your device settings remotely

Maximize your freedom

  • Most common automation platforms supported as data sources
  • Choose any server
  • Run our software on hardware of your choosing

Reach your potential

  • Become a SaaS supplier without extensive investment in your IT skills
  • Maximize your freedom to select hardware, automation platforms and servers
  • Implement IoT as an essential part of your business
Monetize your know-how by optimizing the process


For OEMs that are considering how to monetize their know-how benefit, they have compared to their customers when it comes to maintaining and using the machine and optimizing the process


Software development

Our customer support team can help our OEM partners with their product development on the NouxCloud platform. We offer support from basic training to full turn-key solutions.

No dependencies,
no limitations

Collect data from any automation platform, run it on any cloud platform, private server o even locally inside the factory.