No. We have our own toolkit NouxCloud™. If you have some special need we develop it to NouxCloud™. It is also possible to implement external solutions by using interfaces etc. NouxCloud™ is a very open toolkit in that sense.

If you are using PLCs, most common communication protocols are supported, like S7, OPC-UA, Modbus, EtherNet/IP, TwinCAT ADS etc… Robots and machines with HTTP interfaces are supported. More can be added as requested but we have to handle them case by case. And if you are not using PLCs that can be solved by using adapters. But there needs to be a data source using communication protocols.

Yes. You can use only edge application and our database solution to get the data. Or vice versa, you can take only the cloud solution for visualization. But we heavily recommend that if you only take some part of the service then take the edge.

Not only integrated, but it can also be fully hosted in Azure if requested. Basically, any server in the cloud or even locally is feasible. As long as it can run Docker.

No. We are a software company and do not sell hardware. We provide you freedom to select and use any edge device you want. As long as it can run Docker.

No. Our edge application can get data from most hardware and automation platforms. And most importantly, you can get the data in harmonized format to have unified views from all of your machines regardless of the hardware.

Our data transfer is decrypted and transferred using MQTTS/HTTPS. Additionally NouxCloud has integrated VPN that can be used to further secure data transfer but also to get remote connection to PLC.

Understanding your machine’s automation platform and its communication protocol is essential to use NouxCloud. Noux Node with its partners can provide support if needed.

Depends on the company, its line of business and type of machines. There are some common use cases on a general level but each company needs to plan its own business model. According to our experience the fastest way to achieve a working business model is to start collecting data, release something and then focus on continuous improvement.

We are focusing on machine builders because their automation systems are full of useful data. And most importantly, they have access to their automation systems. Unless you have the access, you don’t have data. Of course, it is possible to install additional sensors and use that data in NouxCloud™.

We ourselves don’t have algorithms but we support all you want to use. It’s not about the amount of algorithms, it’s about finding and training the most suitable for you. When you have the right one you can use it externally by calling it or internally by implementing it to NouxCloud™.

No dependencies,
no limitations

Collect data from any automation platform, run it on any cloud platform, private server o even locally inside the factory.