Noux Node as a Speaker at INDUSTRY.forward EXPO

Noux Node participates in INDUSTRY.forward EXPO, The digital conference festival of the industry.

Noux Node’s Chairman, Ossi Talvitie, will be delivering an expert presentation to the German industrial community at a digital expo organized by Publish Industry Verlag on two separate sessions.

The first session Intranet of Things is on Wednesday, 25th of October at 17:00 – 17:30 EEST. IT will address a common challenge when trying to leverage modern digital solutions: the lack of a constant internet connection or denial of access by the equipment and/or network owner.

These challenges demand cutting-edge edge technology that enables seamless use of both local and global resources. Leveraging the latest IT technology and best practices offers possibilities that are often unknown to most industry professionals. Additionally, there are limited tools available to industrial players such as machine builders and system integrators.

Noux Node’s toolkit, NouxCloud, provides a unique set of technologies as a service to anyone operating with OT devices in industrial networks. Companies using this toolkit have implemented solutions that combine local data buffering, complete control of data traffic, and solutions where
data never leaves the premises.

The second session Industrial Machines Updating Themselves is on Thursday, 26th of October at 13:00-13:30 EEST. The presentation will focus on a dilemma that, as consumers, we’ve come to expect high-tech devices to continuously improve through updates or, at the very least, maintain compliance with the latest cybersecurity standards throughout their lifetime. However, similar solutions have yet to see widespread adoption in the industrial sector.

Noux Node’s toolkit, NouxCloud, provides cutting-edge edge technology combined with sophisticated connection control between central software and local devices and networks. This allows the utilization of modern microservice structures and professional CI/CD (Continuous
Integration, Continuous Deployment) solutions, which are better known in the context of modern IT applications.

To learn more, please register as an attendee for the online event at Note: The website is only available in the German language but it can be translated with browser’s add-on. Mr. Talvitie’s presentations will be conducted in English.