Noux Node at Manufacturing Performance Days

Noux Node participated in the Manufacturing Performance Days (MPD) event held in Tampere on June 6th. MPD, recognized as a premier international B2B summit, convened influential executives, visionary leaders, manufacturing industries, researchers, as well as technology and service providers from across the globe, offering attendees insights from esteemed speakers representing leading industry and academia, showcasing the latest trends and achievements.

Among the distinguished speakers at the event was Mr. Ossi Talvitie, Chairman of the Board and founder of Noux Node. Mr. Talvitie emphasized a crucial point, highlighting the significance of continuous service improvement for customers. When customers invest in a service over an extended period, they naturally anticipate ongoing enhancements. This implies the need for technology supplier to continuously improve their delivered solutions on the factory floor throughout their lifespan, ensuring they remain up-to-date and resilient against security threats.

As an answer to these challenges, Noux Node showcased the exceptional capabilities of its innovative NouxCloud platform, specifically in developing Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines for updating Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and robotics software, operating systems of OT (Operational Technology) devices, and managing Docker containers within local networks via cloud integration.

These demonstrations were carried out in collaboration with Noux Node’s partners: B&R Industrial Automation, ABB Robotics, and Visual Components. The objective was to exemplify the practical application of running and optimizing robots by efficiently updating their software. Additionally, Noux Node showcased the versatility of their CI/CD pipeline across various technologies, including B&R, Beckhoff, and Siemens.

The attention and feedback received for Noux Node’s CI/CD pipeline and other IT methodologies applied to the OT layer were exceptional, particularly resonating with machine builders who prioritize continuous improvement of their machines.

Video of “Manufacturing as a Service, Resilient Supply Chains” session:

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